Episode 215 - MBSing with Erin McGathy - Tilda Swinton

From the podcast: MBSing

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Ever since she witnessed the aura surrounding Tilda while sitting across the aisle from her on a plane, Erin McGathy has not been able to shake her fascination with Swinton's presence, lifestyle, and approach to art. Admittedly a fairly casual fan of Tilda's film work, Erin still cites the way Swinton discusses acting as a collaborative effort and less selfish endeavor as an inspiration to not be too hard on herself as a creator and performer. She even credits Swinton's ability to live happily in Scotland as a working actor for inspiring her to take the leap and move to Dublin from LA. We needed to talk about Kevin, David Bowie, and Michael Clayton, as well as a bit about how Tilda became a character in Erin's upcoming Edinburgh/Dublin Fringe festival show, MurderTown.

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