Your Stories - Best of 2017 Nominations

You know what time it is! For the last five years, we've asked Your Stories audience members and performers to look back on the year that was and help us put together our Best Of podcast that releases at the end of December! We're also looking for your favorite storytellers to invite back for our year-end Annual celebration, which this year's going to be on the big stage at the Beat Kitchen on Sunday, December 17!

So, as in years past, here's what we'd like from you: pick your favorite story or stories - and songs too - from the past 12 months of our podcast (November 2016 through now), and make sure to tell us why they're your favorite! Did they make you laugh? Make you cry? Haunt your dreams for the past few months? That kinda stuff. Reasons count more than number of votes. We'll take a look at every piece that gets a special mention and from that list compile a Best of 2017 podcast episode. We'll also be asking those storytellers back to the Beat Kitchen for new stories! Besides helping us put some shows together, it also sends some really nice, positive vibes to people whose work has made an impact on you in the past year. That's definitely worth celebrating. 

There was a heck of a lot of stuff going on in our show since last November, so you've got a lot to choose from! All of these stories can be heard on their native episodes and also as individual clips on our website if you need a refresher. You can use the form below to nominate favorites, or just email a list to Whatever you do, please do it by November 20! Enjoy looking back on a sweet year of podcasting, and thanks for supporting our show and the amazing people who make it come alive every month!