Fisticuffs! - Character Update #4 - The Metal Devil

Reposted from our successful Fisticuffs! Kickstarter

Hey fighters!

We've finally recovered from PAX and Labor Day and are back in the swing of things! First of all, thank you so much to all of the people who stopped by the booth while we were at PAX, demoed the game, or bought an early copy! You're all a bunch of champions (and for those of you who won during your demo games, you're double champions). We had so much fun getting the game seeing people's reaction to the game and knocking each other around - it was a hit!

Secondly, a big thanks goes out to everyone who came to our shows - you all are awesome - as well as to Cards Against Humanity (for putting the space together) and Improvised Star Trek (for flying as our wingman for those shows). If you missed them, well, you really missed out on some cool stuff!

We also finished the PDF for our backers! We will send out another backer update soon with the link and basic instructions on how to print and play with your digital copy of the game (hint: it involves going to Kinkos and asking them to print it).

Picking up where we left off with character introductions, week four brings us the bronzed bashing battler, the prize fighter of Baron Smythe himself, Steam-0, otherwise known as The Metal Devil.

Steam-0 Card

Steam-0 began his existence as a training tool for Baron Smythe and his guards. When "His Majesty's Fisticuffs Bouts" began, he entered Steam-0 as his champion - a final test for anyone should they desire their wish. Unknowingly to Smythe, Steam-0 has gained minor sentience, and with each fight, he gains a new, daring thought. His wish - to gain freedom!

The Metal Devil strikes fear into those he opposes - and for good reason, with his unique power, the Piston Prevent, he can easily stop any punches going his way.

In playtesting, Steam-0 was an early pick for experienced players who saw his power as an immediate table turner, and he quickly became a favorite of some of our returning playtesters. He also remained a hated adversary for opponents of all skill levels, his Piston Prevent making quick work of their attempts at taking him down.

The Metal Devil lends himself well to experienced players, or players who have a thoughtful play style - consider which cards you have in hand, and which ones you can throw away, and play the game thoughtfully and you can survive easily to the final round.

The Metal Devil has a very considerable weakness in his otherwise stellar defensive routine - he needs cards to make it happen. Round Cards like "Mirror Move" or "Mind Games" can get you into your opponent's head (and his hand) and make him discard valuable cards to get rid of. Additionally, you can sweat out a good Metal Devil - if he's spending all his cards blocking you, then he's not going to be swinging very much. Team up with other players at the table and take him down before he gets to far ahead in the health total - or wait for a valuable Hydrolium Haymaker that can't be Piston Prevented.

Our tip: Don't rely on your move too often to get you out of a jam - while it seems like it will keep you alive indefinitely, it just keeps putting the ball back in your opponent's court. Consider blocking and countering as normal, leaving a few cards in hand to get you out of a -5 haymaker rather than Piston Preventing every jab or stomp that comes your way. It will also lure your opponents into a false sense of security, and prevent them from teaming up on you by appearing to be easily defeatable - when you know in your cold monstrous metal heart that you could stop this whole thing at any time if you wanted, you're just biding your time ... stupid meatbags!

<3 The Nerdologues