We made an album!



For eight years we've been making silly, weirdly specific stuff to entertain all of you. Let's commemorate that! We put some of our favorite material -- both sketches and songs -- from our history into a feature-length greatest hits-style album because, well, why not? Now these laughs are immortalized forever... or at least until an EMP wipes out the whole internet. But, y'know, might as well enjoy this record until then!

Endless Schoolyear is available to buy digitally through CDBaby.com and will shortly be on your favorite music sites across the internet! You can also stream it for free on Soundcloud!

All material written and copyrighted by Nerdologues past and present, except the stuff that wasn't.

The Nerdologues are: Eric Garneau, Chris Geiger, Joe Gennaro, Michael Jando, Katie Johnston-Smith, Kevin Reader, Mary Beth Smith.

Featuring special guests: Eric Braband, Matt Griffo, Dwight Haesler, Sasha Rohret, Billy Walsh.

Music recorded and mixed by Rick Riggs at Handwritten Recording.

Art by Collin Dahlgren.

Album produced by the Nerdologues.

1.Good Morning, Hogwarts
2. Beyond the Rim of the Starlight
3. Beyoncé for President
4. Self-Defense with Todd Rodman
5. Cryptocurrency with Shandy Winters
6. Dungeon Poets Society
7. Dating and the Internet
8. Getting an M.D./J.D.
9. Forgotten History with Billy the Kid
10. Pep Rally with Punchline
11. Hibernating Animals
12. The Saturday Morning Bechdel Test
13. A Lesson on Passing
14. To Boldly Go on Stage
15. Everything Is Jawsome
16. Blob and Circumstance

Thanks for listening!