Ep. 20 - The Library of Nowhere

From the podcast

IT'S HERE! Premiere! 

Jo is feeling a little down...more than a little down. So her companions try and cheer her up, which only makes things worse. 

Created by J.J. Ranvier and edited by Rory Strahn-Mauk. Jo Prendergast was J.J. Ranvier.  

The voice of Scout was CiGi Farmer. The voice of Jee-Hyun was Bonnie Fan. The voice of the Artist was Pearl Paramadilok. And introducing J.D. Lee as the voice of Elliot.

The outro person is Caitlin Robb. Thanks to Andrew Leamon, Andrew Rostan and Eric Garneau for help with the writing process. 

Special thanks, as always, for all those over at The Nerdologues for their mentorship. 

Thank you to everyone who funded us on Indiegogo!!! We get to keep paying the actors and editors, yay!

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