Ep. 29 - Trailer Fark

From the podcast

Even though Jo has some hope for Scout and her illness, she's still tense. Jo and her friends find an old fashion stress reliever in an odd place. 

Cw: Discussions of illness and death throughout the episode as a major theme
Cw: recreational drugs as a major theme
Cw: Discussions of divorce  24:04-24:32
Cw: graphic description of an abortion 25:14-26:41
Cw: man yelling a lot 25:41-26:41

Thank you all for sticking with us during these hard times. When we started finishing season 2, we had no idea how relevant a plot about the struggles of illness and physical disability in a falling apart system would become. We always hoped that a podcast about how we believe people come together in times of struggle rather than tear each other would be relevant, it just has become more relevant now than ever. Times are scary but people are helping, please look for the helpers but also, just as important, accept help if you need it. 

Created by J.J. Ranvier and edited by Rory Strahn-Mauk. Jo Prendergast was J.J. Ranvier.  The Artist/Jess was Pearl Paramadilok. 

And introducing Samira Naimi as Zoey! 

The outro person is Caitlin Robb. Thanks to Andrew Rostan and Eric Garneau for help with the writing process. 

Special thanks, as always, for all those over at The Nerdologues for their mentorship. And thanks to Chicago Podcast Cooperative, that's why this episode is sponsored by Overcast!

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