Episode 19: Just Do Stuff

From the podcast

MB throws some early trade deadline news at Eric, but he's got bigger changes on his mind for the Pirates if they want to get his attention back. Their fight against the Reds was a step in the right direction.

Recorded 7/30/19
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  • Chandler is stuck in the vestibule with Victoria's Secret model Jane Goodacre
  • Eric's clicking a pen through a lot of this. That's what that sound is.
  • MB used "prospect" in a loose, non-baseball way about Marcus Stroman. He was one of the best starting pitching options in the trade market, and it's weird that the Mets got him. Seems like that got cleared up eventually.
  • As predicted, a number of high profile trades happened after this was recorded and before the deadline.
  • There was 1 out left in the top of the 9th of that Pirates/Reds brawl game but a whole bottom of the 9th to play after it.
  • The Pirates had lost 8 in a row before the... row.
  • MB meant the 2013, World Series-winning Red Sox, not 2014. Though watching the first MLB team to finish last in one season, win the World Series the next, and finish last again the following season sounds like pretty good TV. She probs conflated 2004 and 2013.