Season 5 Preview, Part 2 - Predictions Bingo

logo by Claire Friedman
From the podcast

In this (much more focused) second half of our return episode, Lauren and Eric generate a literal Bingo card's worth of predictions on what they think will, may, and possibly-but-wouldn't-that-be-crazy happen in season 5!

Here's a custom Bingo card generator you can use!

Our predictions:
1. Catradora becomes canon
2. Glimmatra becomes the new key ship
3. NEW sword
4. Adora transforms without sword
5. Entrapdak fanservice
6. Hordak "restored," becomes hero
7. Castle Grayskull appears
8. Adora learns she's princess by blood
9. Prince Adam
10. obscure reference to New Adventures
11. Swift Wind gets partner and/or baby
12. Swift Wind sings
13. Lauren embraces Sea Hawk
14. Razz flies on a broom
15. classic MOTU/POP villain cameo
16. classic Rebellion characters appear
17. Glimmer wins Academy Award
18. epic space battle
19. Rainbow returns
20. Horde Prime jams hair tentacles
21. Shadow Weaver: bad again, good again
22. Catra gains suppressed superpower
23. Angella alive - on Eternia
24. a kingdom for Scorpia

BONUS: Imp dies protecting Hordak