Joe Gennaro

Video games, comic books, and mid-to-late-1980’s films starring former cast members of Saturday Night Live. Joe grew up in little Streetsboro, OH, with these things to provide sustenance and inform his life view. Without a desire to follow any particular career path, high-school-senior Joe decided he should study theatre, attending the University of Mount Union. Then college-senior Joe took a spring break trip to sunny Chicago and fell in love with the improv scene. He moved there shortly after graduation, where he studied at iO Chicago and The Second City. In addition to being a Nerdologist, Joe performs with iO Harold team “Big Spoon,” and can be found performing sweaty stand-up in various dark corners of Chicago.

Videos featuring Joe Gennaro

Wasn't 2014 just lovely?

Wasn't it?

A brand new Assassin's Creed franchise! It has everything you could possibly want!

Big thanks to our pal Mark Colomb for filming and editing this stupid thing. See more of his stuff (and listen to his fantastic podcast, An Hour With Your Ex) at!

Hey guys watch out for the screamers they will pop up out of no where in this classic spooky scary vid!

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