Ben and Eric's Elton John

From the podcast: Blank Cassette

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Last year this show took Thanksgiving off, but I put out a mini episode talking about how I made it a point to listen to a specific Elton John live album every year. In that spirit, I thought this year's November holiday would be a great excuse to dive further into my love of Elton -- and I brought along a friend/friend of the show Ben Rathert, whose mutual enjoyment of this artist formed a bedrock of our friendship! Ben and I put together a list of Elton favs for you all that hopefully serves as a solid overview of this iconic music legend -- and may have surprises in store even for more serious fans.

For complete songs, listen to our Spotify playlist for the episode.

Ben and Eric's Elton John includes:
1. Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
2. Take Me to the Pilot
3. I'm Still Standing
4. Daniel
5. Bennie and the Jets
6. Levon
7. Mansfield
8. Border Song
9. Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
10. Planes
11. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
12. Original Sin
13. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
14. I Need You to Turn To (live in Australia)
15. The Retreat
16. Tiny Dancer
17. Amoreena
18. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road