Mary Beth Smith

Mary Beth grew up letting her straight A's in school and a penchant for community theatre define her until she attended the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Math, where pretty much everyone had gotten straight A's in school. She became known among her nerdy peers as a performer. At Furman University, she leaned into this passion, acting with the theatre arts department and joining the improv troupe while earning a degree in chemistry. There's probably a parallel universe where she went to graduate school for forensic science instead of moving to Chicago after graduation. She is the business manager of a chromatography training lab for scientists & lawyers by day, but by night she performs improv weekly at the Annoyance theatre with her team Sight Unseen and periodically with Cards Against Humanity Live. She also hosts a weekly podcast MBSing and co-produces The Probe.

Twitter/Instagram: @TheTokenGinger
Contact: MaryBeth.Smith1165 [at]

Videos featuring Mary Beth Smith

Friday, February 9th, 2018

The first single off the Nerdologues' album, releasing March 9 on this website!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

In this darkly comedic musical, the true life of Danny Tanner and is family is exposed; promises will be broken, sinister paths explored, lives may be lost, and yes, songs will be sung. Whether you’re a member of the Full House fan club or scoff in a superior fashion when you hear someone utter “Cut It Out”; you will find both a touch of nostalgia and an illuminating light shining brightly on the Tanners’ most clandestine realities. Come see the Tanners as you’ve never seen them before. Attend the Tale.