Mary Beth Smith

Mary Beth grew up letting her straight A's in school and a penchant for community theatre define her until she attended the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Math, where pretty much everyone had gotten straight A's in school. She became known among her nerdy peers as a performer. At Furman University, she leaned into this passion, acting with the theatre arts department and joining the improv troupe while earning a degree in chemistry. There's probably a parallel universe where she went to graduate school for forensic science instead of moving to Chicago after graduation. She is the business manager of a chromatography training lab for scientists & lawyers by day, but by night she performs improv weekly at the Annoyance theatre with her team Sight Unseen and periodically with Cards Against Humanity Live. She also hosts a weekly podcast MBSing and co-produces The Probe.

Twitter/Instagram: @TheTokenGinger
Contact: MaryBeth.Smith1165 [at]

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The first single off the Nerdologues' album, releasing March 9 on this website!

In this darkly comedic musical, the true life of Danny Tanner and is family is exposed; promises will be broken, sinister paths explored, lives may be lost, and yes, songs will be sung. Whether you’re a member of the Full House fan club or scoff in a superior fashion when you hear someone utter “Cut It Out”; you will find both a touch of nostalgia and an illuminating light shining brightly on the Tanners’ most clandestine realities. Come see the Tanners as you’ve never seen them before. Attend the Tale.

Wasn't 2014 just lovely?

Wasn't it?