Katie Johnston-Smith

Katie Johnston-Smith' obsession with Tom Hanks worries her mother. As a Pittsburgh native, she grew up encouraged to intensely love the things she loves in a loyal and bleeding-heart manner, for the entire world can be painted in black and gold (and it mostly is... right?).  After graduating from Belmont University (Nashville), Katie moved to Chicago to further study comedy.  You may recognize her from her roles in Attend The Tale Of Danny Tanner: A Full House Musical (DJ Tanner/ co-writer), Cupid Has A Heart On (ensemble), The Second City Training Center’s Musical Improv/ Sketch House Ensemble Infinite Sundaes/ Song Co (ensemble), The Verse: Another Firefly Story(Katie Fly), The Dude Abides (Waitress/ Pingirl), Musical Of The Living Dead (Fran), or that production of Fiddler on the Roof (all but Tevye) she and her cousins did in her grandparent's back yard.  She is also the founder of the Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival.   Follow her on Twitter/ Instagram @GenericBrunette!

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In this darkly comedic musical, the true life of Danny Tanner and is family is exposed; promises will be broken, sinister paths explored, lives may be lost, and yes, songs will be sung. Whether you’re a member of the Full House fan club or scoff in a superior fashion when you hear someone utter “Cut It Out”; you will find both a touch of nostalgia and an illuminating light shining brightly on the Tanners’ most clandestine realities. Come see the Tanners as you’ve never seen them before. Attend the Tale.

Best wishes to you and yours during this musical time of year!

Thanks to Jessica Kent for the makeup help.


A holiday PSA from The Nerdologues and their friends.

Written by Katie Johnston-Smith

Shot, Directed, and Edited By: Larissa Zageris

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Katie Johnston-Smith