Ep. 19 - Blackout

From the podcast

CW: gunshots (17:14), violence, threats of violence, death 

Jo faces off with the leader of the Mors Tua Vita Men. 

Please listen to the end of the credits for a very special thank you to everyone who helped and all the fans. WE FARKING LOVE YOU!

Created by J.J. Ranvier and edited by Rory Strahn-Mauk. Jo Prendergast was J.J. Ranvier.  The voice of Connor is Jared Sanders. The voice of Park Ranger Dave is Firas Alexander. The outro person is Caitlin Robb. Thanks to Hillel Wayne, Andrew Leamon, Eric Garneau and Joe Gennaro for help with the writing process. 

Special thanks, as always, for all those over at The Nerdologues for their mentorship. 

We will be on hiatus until November 2018, which means miniepisodes because we love giving you things. 

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