Ep. 28 - The Bucket List

From the podcast

What Jo feared turns out to be true and now the group has to deal with the consequences.

WE'RE BACK, FELLOW SURVIVORS! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who stuck around and believed in us. We're sorry this mid-season hiatus took so long, if you want to know why, check out our last two public patreon posts . We're going to try and release the new episodes bi-monthly or monthly if that's not possible.

Created by J.J. Ranvier and edited by Rory Strahn-Mauk. Jo Prendergast was J.J. Ranvier. The Artist/Jess was Pearl Paramadilok.

The outro person is Caitlin Robb. Thanks to Andrew Rostan and Eric Garneau for help with the writing process.

Special thanks, as always, for all those over at The Nerdologues for their mentorship. And thanks to Chicago Podcast Cooperative, that's why this episode is sponsored by Snake People! Support them here http://bit.ly/SnakePeopleKS

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