Bill's Nintendo Noise

From the podcast: Blank Cassette

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Extra Life, a fundraiser that uses video game marathons to help kids in Children's Miracle Network hospitals across the land, takes place this weekend. Friend of the show Bill Nielsen is participating, and to help spread the word he's come back to Blank Cassette with a high school CD of (potentially unidentifiable) video game remixes. This week, we cover how video gaming has shaped Bill's life, from school socializing to how it's affected his appreciation of other popular culture (like music) to his current podcasting and digital fundraising. Bust out your Gamecubes, everybody. 

No Spotify playlist this week, but if you search hard enough, you can find some of these on YouTube!

Bill's Nintendo Noise includes:
1. Yoshi's Story - Title Screen
2. Donkey Kong 64 - DK Rap
3. Star Fox - Corneria Stage remix
4. Super Mario Bros. Super Show theme
5. Legend of Zelda - Overworld remix
6. Super Smash Bros Melee - Dr. Mario Theme
7. Super Mario World Matrix Mash-Up
8. Super Mario Bros Super Show - Do the Mario
9. Super Metroid Remix
10. Legend of Zelda - Overworld remix ("System of a Down")
11. Yoshi's Story - Jungle Fever
12. Pikachu remix
13. Kirby's Invincibility remix
14. Yoshi's Story - Yo Yo Yoshi
15. Luigi's Mansion remix
16. Super Smash Bros - Green Greens stage
17. Yoshi's Story remix
18. Smif N Wessun - Super Brooklyn
19. Donkey Kong Country - Fear Factory
20. Super Smash Bros Melee - Yoshi's Victory
21. Yoshi's Story - The End