Episode 0: Katie's Super Bowl Mix

From the podcast

The Nerdologues' new podcast mentoring program got me thinking about my own process for piloting shows -- which inspired me to unearth the never-before-released pilot episode for Blank Cassette, featuring fellow Nerdologues member Katie sharing a really, ah, focused mix CD she was given in 2001. Hope you like Hanson. There are a handful of reasons this was never released, but as proof-of-concept for the show Blank Cassette became, I think it's pretty interesting. Hope you enjoy!

Also, of course, you should definitely apply to the Nerdologues podcast mentoring program if you've got a show you want to make! Apply by next Friday, April 20! Just please don't record your interviews outside!

For complete songs (where available), check out this Spotify playlist for the episode.

Katie's Super Bowl Mix includes:

1. Aerosmith - Walk This Way
2. Aerosmith, Britney Spears, NSYNC - Walk This Way (live)
3. Super Bowl 2001 Halftime Show 
4. Hanson - A Song to Sing
5. Hanson - Lonely Again
6. Hanson - If Only
7. Hanson - Save Me
8. Hanson - Smile
9. Hanson - This Time Around