Help Us Commemorate Tom Petty

From the podcast

Hey everybody,

You might have noticed already but this week's new Blank Cassette episode hit yesterday so it'll be waiting for you to download on whatever podcasting app you use. I wanted to put out this tiny bulletin to let everyone know what we're doing next week -- I thought, given the sad news we got Monday, it would be nice to do a kind of collaborative memorial playlist of Tom Petty songs for next week's show, and I'd love your help. If you have any feelings about Tom Petty, just email a voice memo or recording to or leave a voicemail at 405-JAW-NERD with whatever you want to say. It doesn't have to be long, I just want to know where your heart's at. Also, please tell me your favorite Tom Petty song in the message! And get these bad boys in by Monday. I'll compile the submissions I get for next week's ep and hopefully we'll get a sweet tribute to a great musician out of it. Thanks for listening! Hope to hear from you soon.