Episode 15: And This One Belongs to the Reds

From the podcast

MB delivers a starting line up packed with offensive firsts before they put a button on the first half of the season and make predictions for their teams and fandoms in the second half. They round things out with the highly anticipated follow up to the first High + Outside segment with news of MB's foray into recreational baseball.

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Inside Scoop: The Shield

  • The Braves took the next two games off of the Phillies to win the series.
  • Josh bell now has 81 RBI in 86 games.
  • MB was thinking of when The Office took Jim to the Stamford branch.
  • The Reds color guy Marty Brennaman coined ATOBTTR in his second game with the team. They were gonna put it on the stadium but the county officials wouldn't let them because technically the stadium belongs to the taxpayers. Weird!