Episode 20: Unnnnsustaaaainablllle

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MB tosses a cold one to Eric with an MLB highlight featuring a football player, and Eric finds a bright spot outside of his struggling Pirates over on the struggling Marlins. After a robust review of the Braves last 10, they get into the mind of an MLB pitcher by putting their short term memory skills to the test.

Recorded 8/7/2019
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  • Chris Davis is slashing .183/.270/.321, a line dangerously close to what MB exaggeratedly gave as an example of a bad slash during a What's Up With Stat segment earlier this year. He's had a long season.
  • Jeter was born in Jersey but grew up in Michigan. He has gone on record saying he's impatiently waiting for the Marlins to be good after almost 2 years as part owner and CEO.
  • Baker Mayfield's Lindor jersey was probably from Memorial Day, and there's some supporting evidence that MLB pockets most of the cash from sales like this.
  • It was new reliever Chris Martin who mentioned short term memory after surrendering a walk off home run in game 1 against the Twins, but it applies to Foltynewicz as well.