Episode 21: Not Bad Just Suck

From the podcast

MB unloads some rookie highlights from around the league before Eric unloads a more positive spin on his Pirates fandom after seeing them perform well in person during our second High + Outside adventure of the season. The Braves are still good even when the bullpen sucks.

Recorded 8/14/2019
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Inside Scoop: Screwball

  • MLB teams have averaged just over 4.8 runs a game in 2019, meaning the Buccos' three game average of 10 is twice that. In 2018, the average points per game for an NFL team was 23.3, so the analogy of 10 runs being like scoring 50 points was closer than expected.
  • Average BABIP is about .300, so Shane Greene's .600+ since joining the Braves is absolutely a reflection of some bad luck and bad fielding.