Episode 4: BBMak Here, Baby

From the podcast

MB drinks in the Red Sox early struggles, possibly due to a World Series Hangover, while Eric wonders if the MLB can pull him out of an NHL-induced sadness. A High + Inside exclusive reveals the musical side of free agent negotiations. 

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Inside Scoop: Mixed Berry + Feta Salad

Recorded 4/16/19


 - Daisuke Matsuzaka played 8 years in the MLB with a career ERA of 4.45, 720 strikeouts, and a WAR of 9.4.
 - The Early November is still an active band and is currently signed to Rise Records. They have a new album coming out this fall. 
 - A Five-Tool Player is defined as a player that can hit for a high batting average, for power, runs the bases well, throws well, and fields well.
 - Pitcher Alex Wood, utility man Kyle Farmer, and 7 million dollars were also included in the trade that sent Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig to the Reds.