Episode 6: Heat Map Strike Zone or Bust

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After highlighting the best team in baseball (the Yankees’ current Injured List), MB and Eric both lament their faltering fandom as their teams suffer rough patches. They also step up to the Trading Block to see what it would take for each person to consider trading their home team’s biggest asset.

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Recorded 4/28/19


  • To put the peak accumulated WAR of the Yankees’ IL in perspective, the stat suggests that if all 13 of those players had been unavailable for their 2018 roster, they would've finished the season in fourth in the AL East with a record of 67-95.
  • Since Mike Trout joined the team, the LA Angels of Anaheim have made the playoffs on just one occasion. He went 1-12 as the Angels suffered a 3-game sweep by the Royals in 2014.