Episode 151 - MBSing with Mary Catherine Curran - Saturday Night Live

From the podcast

Want to hear how Saturday Night Live played a hand in Mary Catherine Curran's journey to Chicago? Of course you do. She's a total badass. It starts with falling for Phill Hartman as a cast member thanks to her first and biggest comedy love, The Simpsons. There's a time in there where impersonating Mary Catherine Gallagher got her through middle school. It continued with having the opportunity to meet cast members and attend show tapings while working with Sketch Up at University of Maryland. It culminates in her time in Chicago where she continues to learn about herself and what it means to be a performer you can be proud of. Lots of love for the women of the aughts (Tina F, Amy P, Rachel D, Maya R, et al) because how could there not be? We also cover how the era of SNL you were in late middle school to early college for will always be your favorite because you are the target audience. SNL is always catering to that window. They'll always have good stuff regardless of whether it's for you. And don't forget: You're only remembering the good sketches. The episode must go on.

Thanks to the Chicago Podcast Cooperative for coordinating sponsorships and giving this project a modicum of legitimacy and to Cards Against Humanity for being the mother of that brainchild as well as sponsoring this ep.