Episode 175 - MBSing with Cody Melcher - The American Enlightenment & Revolution

From the podcast

While we focus mainly on the politics of the time (and of ours), this conversation with Cody certainly reveals in him a broad, deep-seeded love of this time in our nation's history and a ton of insight on how it got us where we are as a nation. Cody just got back from some touring through the colonial states, so be prepared for more delightful Marquis de Lafayette stories than you can shake a musket at. There's also plenty of chatting about how we would fix the current political landscape (because clearly we are experts) and how the Internet Age has become its own Enlightenment of sorts. Check out In Falsitas Veritas and/or Star-Spangled Sitcoms for the fruits of Cody's creative labor, all in some way inspired by these topics.

Ticket link for Cody and I's shared slot at the Chicago Podcast Festival.

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