Episode 181 - MBSing LIVE with David Pasquesi - Italy

From the podcast

[Recorded live as part of the first annual Chicago Podcast Festival] Noted actor-improviser David Pasquesi fell deeply in love with living in Italy when he spent a year "studying" there as a college student (by slowly convincing his parents he was considering joining the priesthood so they'd let him stay). From the general demeanor of its residents to its remarkable food to its storied, centuries-long history, Dave cannot separate himself from the nation of his ancestors. The country and his time spent there has colored his life from his grandfather's immigration to the states as a teenager to living there with his own wife and sons as they wait through the process of becoming dual citizens. He's even still performing with a pair of the students he studied abroad with - a lasting connection from a formative time.

Huge thanks are owed to the Chicago Podcast Festival, the Chicago Podcast Cooperative, and this week's sponsor, The Second City. These events and organizations are lending legitimacy to an artform, and MBSing is overwhelmed with pride and humility to be a part of it all.