Episode 197 - MBSing with Tricia Bobeda - Time Travel in Pop Culture

From the podcast: MBSing

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Tricia takes a break from cohosting her own inordinately entertaining podcast Nerdette to talk long form about a topic that gets inevitably philosophical. She has adored the idea of exploring time travel since she noticed it popping up in her favorite things to consume (Doctor Who, Harry Potter, etc). We talk some of her new favorite examples (she knows other people are watching Travelers) and spend a lot of time discussing why we as creators and consumers have become even more interested in exploring the idea of going to the past or future in recent years. 

Tony Curran played Van Gogh, and Bill Nighy was unbilled as the museum currator.
MBS was thinking of Timeless but on further consideration could not find a promo with a train in it.

Thanks to Cards Against Humanity for sponsoring this episode and the Chicago Podcast Cooperative for coordinating sponsorships.