Episode 204 - MBSing with James D'Amato - Independent RPG Design

From the podcast: MBSing

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

James has been GMing RPGs like a boss for four years as the host of the One Shot Podcast, and he brings his love of tabletop RPG design to MBSing with the same kindness and fervor that pervades their network. From finding the most basic of rules to honing in on how to bring about specific attributes in characters via their abilities, so much design ground is covered. If you're into D&D but have never ventured outside of the dungeon OR if you've always thought tabletop RPGs were only for serious gamer geeks and fantasy nerds, this conversation is absolutely for you. Games like Fiasco, Feng Shui, Honey Heist, Everyone is John, and a few of James's own creations get some air time. 

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