Episode 208 - MBSing with Mary Cait Walthall - Human Communication

From the podcast

Due to a background of study ranging from psychology to physical theater, Mary Cait Walthall has become incredibly mindful of how people communicate with one another. She actively works to impliment nonviolent communication and restorative practices in Chicago Public Schools, and she is always using the wisdom she gleaned from LISPA to be aware of nonverbal communication as a performer, teacher, and restorative justice specialist. The conversation ranges from doing improvisational theatre with ESL actors using their first language to acknowledging privilege within conversations about social justice to the can of worms that is communicating on the Internet.

Mary Cait is a member of the Improvised Star Trek and Superhuman.
Thanks to Field Notes Brand for sponsoring and the Chicago Podcast Cooperative for coordinating sponsorships and providing a recording facility.