Episode 209 - MBSing with Tawny Newsome - Natural Hair

From the podcast

Tawny Newsome has left behind the world of relaxers and weaves in favor of her naturally curly black hair, and she's here to extoll the virtues (and explain the difficulties) of a natural hair life. From how it's affected the roles she's called in to audition for to how strangers interact with her, Tawny's cosmetic choice to assimilate less to the general cultural ideal of straight hair has pervaded her day to day life in ways one may not expect. There's also some dissection of how LA's public interpersonal vibe differs from Chicago's, how most fans of comedy are sweethearts who understand boundaries, and how white people figuring out and dispersing the info that it's rude to ask to touch someone's natural hair is like kids realizing that cats don't like to be petted against the direction their fur grows.

There are some Get Out spoilers for a wee minute or two at around the 35:30 mark
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