Episode 210 - MBSing with Savannah Million - Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing

From the podcast: MBSing

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Savannah Million has put in so much time farming, harvesting, and upgrading you'd think she'd have some fields to show for it. WHICH SHE DOES, but they're all of the digital variety. A longtime fan of the admittedly-flawed Harvest Moon franchise and newer convert to the Animal Crossing games, Savannah unpacks what it is that makes these game mechanics so satisfying and even how the min-maxing of certain traits of the game makes them less fun to traverse though more easily conquered. Stick around for a breakdown of MBS's Pokémon Go habits as well as the influence Harvest Moon and Animal crossing have had on her cartooning and web development.


Listen to Savannah and past MBSing guest Alex Cox talk robots and feminism on fellow Chicago Podcast Cooperative show, Roboism.