Episode 217 - MBSing with Ed Söderberg - Rec League Sports

From the podcast

Post law school, Ed wasn't sure how he was supposed to make and maintain adult friendships without the benefit of forced socialization with other lawyers. So, he decided to organize a(n unfortunately large) 12" softball team to add an activity to at least one night of his week (even though he didn't really know much about softball). Now, he's been in enough softball, kickball (?), floor hockey, and 3v3 and full ice hockey leagues that he should probably stop referring to himself as "not an athlete." MBS and Ed uncover the biggest victories, defeats, and revelations of starting to play a sport as an adult, especially when a lot of the people you're up against feel like they have something to prove. 

Ironrise Games. Get on board now and Kickstart later!
Go Nordiques! (MBS is waaaaay biased on this one as her betrothed is a member, too)
Doppelgängers R Us

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