Episode 221 - MBSing with Clint Worthington - Film Criticism

From the podcast

Clint Worthington developed a love for film as an Illinois farm boy who was admittedly more of an inside, MST3K boy than anything else. Since those days of pirated satellite, he's spent years watching film with a critical eye producing reviews for his own podcasting network at Alcohollywood.com and for Consequence of Sound as well as becoming a member of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle. He cites Ebert and Roeper as big influences of course, but there's also a lot of love for some smaller reviewers and YouTube channels (and a lack of love for some bigger sources like Rotten Tomatoes and CinemaSins). Clint talks movies as empathy machines, reviewing film through the lens of an audience and not just as one critic, and being a Michael Bay apologist.

Thanks to Cards Against Humanity for sponsoring and the Chicago Podcast Cooperative for bringing Clint and MBS together as coop-mates.