Episode 224 - MBSing with Benjamin Vigeant - Pinball

From the podcast: MBSing

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Ever since Ben learned to ace Jungle King and Fireball in his family's basement as a kid, he's been a pinball fiend, seeking out machines on boardwalks and at bars so enthusiastically that he eventually founded Pinball Chicago, a league of competitive gamers and compendium of spots in the city that offer pinball. He starts by unpacking the older electromechanical machines versus the much more numerous and modern solid-state machines that brought the replacement of the characteristic bells and chimes and rounds out the conversation by listing the plethora options of barcades that have popped up around the city and some of his favorite tournament experiences. 


This was recorded outside of Clark St. Dog in Chicago, IL. Apologies in advance for the street sounds, unless you really like street sounds. Then you're welcome in advance for the street sounds.
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