Episode 234 - MBSing with Stanley Sievers - Jack Reacher

From the podcast

Stanley is a self-proclaimed Reacher Creature. Having read most of the Lee Child novels with intentions of continuing (he recently took a break to read about the history of the FBI, so there's a bit of a theme), he can recognize how gripping the stories become and how ready-made they are for film thrillers (even if the second installment fell short... this is not a Tom Cruise joke, but it could be). A lot of time is spent unpacking the nature of characters like Jack Reacher: Professionally trained but acting entirely outside of what appears to be a broken establishment. One man on a mission to solve all of society's problems from the outside. Is Jack Reacher a superhero? Or just a dangerous display of the American Dream gone rogue? Stanley's not quite sure, but he knows he has to read all of Jack's seemingly-identical adventures to find out.


Stanley's film work
A hilariously appropriate article re the appeal of Jack Reacher that came out the same day as this ep
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