Episode 236 - MBSing with Maria Ranahan - Cooking & Her Mom

From the podcast

Maria Ranahan was named after her Italian grandmother, Mary (whose name was Anglicanized at Ellis Island). She has recently been cataloging her Italian mom's recipes for the first time, but she's had trouble translating things like "between these lines on my hand" into teaspoons and "up to here on your grandmother's pot" into cups. Food culture, rebelling against (or conforming to) your parents' norms, and how eating habits (and other behaviors) evolve throughout your life all get a lot of play in this loving conversation about moms and food.

Maria is the director of Cards Against Humanity's Science Ambassador Scholarship. Support and spread the word.
She also played a major role in planning Cards Against Humanity Saves America.
Here's Maria on fellow Chicago Podcast Cooperative show Roboism.