Episode 237 - MBSing with Lisa Beasley - Grey's Anatomy

From the podcast

Some time in or shortly after college, Lisa Beasley binge-watched the first few seasons of Grey's Anatomy in a matter of days. She hasn't stopped rewatching the series since. The show has become her background sounds, and she cites the comfort level a diverse cast of characters who only discuss their jobs brings her. Meredith Grey's progression as a character, the passionate monologuing throughout the show, and the knack Shonda Rhimes has for presenting powerful women have been the backdrop for Lisa's career as a writer/performer and as Creative Director for the Nova Collective.

Disclaimer: MBS says some stuff about Callie Torres thinking she was talking about Erica Hanh. She remembers not liking Hanh. She remembers liking Torres. It's been a long time since she watched this show.

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