Episode 247 - MBSing with Make-Believe Money - Personal Finance

From the podcast

Financial coach Dan Wood and his creative, funny friends Elizabeth Seidt and Damon Taylor love exploring the actual finances of fictional worlds on their podcast Make-Believe Money (e.g. - Ron Swanson's net worth, the value of the company Willy Wonka passes on to Charlie Bucket, how much all that sensory deprivation chamber salt would've cost in the first season of Stranger Things, etc). Some of that fictional world stuff made it into this conversation, but it's mostly focused on Dan's profession, how his influence has made Damon and Liz more financially aware, and how all of them view finances as a necessary if difficult conversation to have with your loved ones. Weddings are being planned, houses are being purchased, needs, wants, & savings are being allocated... A lot is happening here, and ultimately it's a fun, encouraging conversation about an often sticky subject.

Dan's professional info, Liz's Harold team, and Damon's place of work
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