Episode 248 - MBSing with Chels Harvey - The WB Shows

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Chels studied WB shows like Felicity and Gilmore Girls like they were homework, at one point in life staying up until 11 PM to watch a rerun of Gilmore Girls only to watch it again at 3 AM. They also began to mentally catalog the writers and actors from each show, faithfully seeking out trivia from DVD commentaries and social media accounts to feel more like a part of the fictional teen-aged worlds being created. Now, Chels prides themselves on creating worlds professionally as a B2B content specialist and creatively as a host of Sell Me A Pup, a show where comedians review made-up media. There's a lot of talk about how much pickier we tend to be with media now, relishing in representation and prickling at problematic jokes and storylines. There's also mention of Tarzan, Roswell, Buffy, and a few non-WB TV delights like The OC, Grey's Anatomy, and... West Wing?

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