Episode 250 - MBSing LIVE with Box Brown - André the Giant & Andy Kaufman's Wrestling Careers

From the podcast

Box Brown has been a pro wrestling fan since his first PPV experience: Hulk Hogan lost at Wrestlemania VI, and the friend he was watching with cried. He was hooked by the characters and the facade of it all, so it's no wonder that he became attracted to two huge cults of personality in André and Andy. André left a bevy of stories in his wake, one of which inspired Box to draw the first comic of what eventually became his book, André the Giant: Life and Legend. Later, Box was hooked by the way Andy borrowed the idea of wrestlers being enveloped by their characters into comedy, and his antics with Jerry Lawler on Letterman secured him a place in the history of wrestling's secrets and Box's interest.

Box's most recent book, Is This Guy For Real?: The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman is a fascinating read for fans of comedy and wrestling alike.
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