Episode 255 - MBSing with Casey Toney - Audio Editing

From the podcast

Casey has put his general health and wellbeing on the line as he works up to 30 hours editing each episode of NeoScum, an actual-play podcast in which five Chicago improvisers (including Casey himself as well as past MBSing guest Mike Migdall) play the tabletop RPG Shadowrun. A longtime lover and performer of musicals, Casey's level of perfectionism and lack of self-confidence launched him into editing the show and the rest, as they say, is history. In spite of the occasional pains from nerve damage and Twitter complaints, the show has been a source for absolute passion and pride in Casey and it means everything to him to be honoring the magic he creates with his friends while giving listeners a heartfelt journey.

NeoScum! Casey says the editing really took off at around episode 14 or 15 and his favorites so far are around 18 or 19. 
A nice visualization of Ira Glass's thoughts on taste vs. skill 
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