Episode 36 - MBSing with Tim Dunn - Being Busy

From the podcast

Tim Dunn (of the fellow Nerdologues-produced podcast Talking Games with Tim and Clayton) is on the show to talk about a relatively new-found love of being busy. We never really spend much time defining what we think being busy is, but we do get into a LOT of topics and aspects of our lives affected by our levels of commitments and plans (dating, working, comedy we see and work on, what we do when we aren't busy, etc). It ends up being a great, fairly stripped down conversation about what we like and don't like about our lives as they are. At one point Tim apologizes for choosing a bummer topic, and I apologize for talking about myself too much. He didn't need to apologize because it is not a bummer topic. I still feel like I did! But I really love this ep.