Episode 46 - MBSing with Chris Geiger - Pokémon

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Want to listen to two adults sitting down for a chat about a child's pocket monster game and having a damn good time doing it? Good, because fellow member of The Nerdologues Chris Geiger tells me a ton about his love of catching 'em all. After spending a bit of time discussing the current pervasive nature of nerd culture in general, Chris and I explore a video game (and anime... but mostly we talk about the video game) that has become the second-most successful video game-based franchise in the world (besides Mario). Chris has (somewhat) quietly spent hours of his life playing games from every generation of the franchise (there are six generations each with at least three games), and he gets into why he loves all of the intricate details of the challenges, storylines, and monsters involved in the gameplay. As a fun twist I tell him a way I think his love of Pokémon has affected his life creatively! We also both agree on our favorite Pokémon (because I beat Pokémon Red as a kid and thus have a decent working knowledge of the franchise), so that's a fun moment to look forward to.


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