Episode 79 - MBSing with Danny Groh - The Chicago Improv Community

From the podcast

Danny Groh is about to PowerSlam his journey from being a misbegotten salesman in Wisconsin to leaving the Chicago improv community behind for the creative allures of The Big Apple RIGHT into your earholes. He's warm, enthusiastic, and an absolute powerhouse on stage and as an MBSing guest, and I'm excited to share this man's experience in the community I'm a part of with the listeners. Danny achieved an MBSing first of telling MULTIPLE stories that made me openly cry. The man can tell a story, but he's also really had some wonderful people in his life helping him find himself over the past decade. I'd argue that those people have been drawn to his genuine, loving nature, but he'd hate that. I'd also argue that he's better than most at counting his blessings and following his heart. SO SWEET!