Episode 84 - MBSing with Chris Crotwell - Libraries

From the podcast

Dear friend and bibliophile Chris Crotwell sat down with me to chat freely and at any volume we chose about his home away from home, libraries. Chris happens to be a librarian with a Master's of Library Science, so he's not just a card-carrying member. He has a ton of first-hand library experience from the other side of the circ desk, and he is even a part of a new teen program being instated at public libraries all over Chicago. We focus a lot on Chris's belief that library workers must function as helpfully and kindly as possible in the face of frequent lunacy and apathy. We also go off on a long YA novel tangent, but I don't mind in the least. Chris's assertion that if he is kind in the face of aggression, that aggression stops with him is one that I will not soon forget and is incredibly telling about his larger love of people and goodness.