Episode 85 - MBSing with Paul Jurewicz - Roommates (and Garth Brooks)

From the podcast

Paul could probably start a country music career of his own inspired by tales of various and sundry "rooms" and roommates from his five years spent in Eugene, Oregon, before landing back in his home state of Illinois. He prefers telling the stories through the lens of Garth Brooks songs, and we have a wonderful time singing the megastar's classic lyrics in between Paul's memories of living with bandmates, rats, and the cougar-esque manager of the coffee shop he worked at (look into the song That Summer for more details on their relationship). We eventually get into his Chicago roommate experiences (including when he was my roommate for about a month) and some other country/rock superstars we both enjoy. This is a story about a young man and his love for living with creative people and his longtime crush on/worship of/emulation of Garth.