Episode 92 - MBSing with Chris Kervick - Reality TV

From the podcast

2 friends. 1 mic. An hour and a half in a kitchen to cover all the fun ground of reality competition shows. Chris and I were up to the challenge, and I think we survived this amazing race. Listen to find out how Chris feels he has truly been shaped by reality shows since he started watching them at 13, which show he'd love to be on if he could choose any one with any set of circumstances (and which one I'd throw my name in the hat for), and how we both think we'd respond to the pressure and strategy of these shows. Stick around for a VERY fun Voice-esque set of blind auditions wherein Chris and I act as judges aided by our friend Liz Bell who made us a playlist complete with commentary on each actual Voice contestant. This was a joy, and Chris has such a passion for life and his relationships with people because he's always playing for day 39.

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