Episode 98 - MBSing with Logan Dean - HP Lovecraft

From the podcast

Grab your Necronomicon and find a well-lit area because it's about to get allllll Lovecraftian on MBSing! Logan is a huge HPL aficionado to the extent that he's written an entire biographical play about him and descended into madness during the process (much like a Lovecraft protagonist!). If that doesn't get you onboard the 'craft, I don't know what will. We chat a ton about his enormous influences in spite of his short life and limited, scattered works mostly made up of short stories written for pulp magazines, but we also get into the way art can tend to be influenced and cyclical in a way that folks often overlook. Gather around, sea monsters. You're in for a creepy treat. Thanks to Jackbox Games for sponsoring this episode and Chicago Podcast Cooperative for coordinating sponsors.