213: The World of Mo-Cap w/ Chris Bashen

From the podcast

Chris Bashen has been a guest on So Many Bits several times to talk about video games, but did you know he makes them too? He's the guy behind the (digital) guy: he's been The Joker, Firestorm Shang Tsung, and more as a motion-capture actor with Netherrealm! We took a very cool look at the behind the scenes of the cutscenes in some of the past decade's most cinematically ambitious games.

The Amazing World of Gumball had their own ambitious take on Final Fantasy VII, and Brandon Shockney and Bill talk about it in this episode's Screenwatching!

Screenwatching: The Amazing World of Gumball (1:55)

Interview: Chris Bashen (25:05)

Bill's Magic Minute (59:16)