Chicago Gaming with Kevin Treski!

From the podcast

Today, the Nerdologues seed the bulk of their show description to wonderful guest Kevin Treski:

If you want to know more about Kevin or harass him in any way you can find him at his twitter. To sign up for Chicago Gaming Union, hit up For more on his non-profit, Play On Chicago, that has its own twitter account to get in touch. For more info on going to the Chicago Twitch Meet-Up on the 17th, hit up this website to RSVP and follow this twitter feed. Last but not least if you want to get into streaming games or are already streaming and want a heads up on that new Infiniscene hotness Kevin was talking about, you can read more about it here and follow their twitter here. The next time Kevin is on schedule to surface will be the Twitch Chicago Meet-Up onSunday, January 17th.

Thanks Kevin! It's the Nerdologues again. Thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Field Notes, and thanks as always to the Chicago Podcast Coop! Enjoy the show!